Taylored Treats....

Carob Powder & Buttons

Diabetics & Lactose/Gluten Intolerant People can Rejoice at last!
We now have NAS Carob for sucrose intolerant people and NAS Soy Carob for those that can't have milk OR sugar.  We recommend if the taste is not to your liking that it be flavoured with Apricot Oil - a few drops are enough to disquise the taste.
Don't like chocolate!!! No problem!!!
we are now also offering yoghurt buttons.  They work the same as chocolate buttons and at the same price are available in Sweetened Yoghurt (plain), Sweetened Apricot Yoghurt, NAS Banana Yoghurt Buttons and Sweetened Strawberry Yoghurt Frog Bits.
Spec sheet for these items are available on the downloads page.
Why wait - Chocoholics the world over agree - it's always a good time for chocolate!



Doggie Chocolate
Actually you shouldn't give your dog chocolate at all.  Carob is the best substitute and the little puppy's not going to mind one little bit.
So unless you want your little mite to turn into one of those pictured above make sure you give them Carob.
Available in button form it is suitable for humans and canines.  You can melt it down and form it any shape you like.  Coming soon are small bone shaped moulds.  You can create a bone that will melt in your dog's mouth.

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