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Moulds - Hard Candy

The easy way to hard candy!

Hard Candy Moulds, able to withstand the high temperature of poured sugar, can be tough to find. Clear plastic moulds designed for chocolate crafting will not work for long, and old-fashioned metal moulds are almost impossible to find! Tempered plastic moulds, specifically designed for withstanding the high temperatures required when moulding candy or toffee, are white in colour and not transparent.
For best results, we recommend lightly spraying moulds with cooking spray, for easy candy removal.

To Use Sucker Moulds: Insert sucker stick in notch, making certain that the top of the stick is about half-way to the top of the mould. Pour hot candy or melted chocolate into mould cavity covering the part of the stick that rests inside of the mould. Allow to harden. (do not refrigerate hard candy) (chocolate should be hardened in refrigerator)

Current designs available include:
Xmas Assorted, Holiday Candies, Roses, Happy Birthday, Teddy Bears, Hearts Candies, Hearts, Round Lollipops 38mm, Dinosaurs, Jack-o-Lanterns, Santa Faces, Hard Candy Teaspoons,

Sucker Sticks and Pencil Pops are perfect for use in our sheet molds. Remember your sucker bags and twist ties for a professionally finished look.



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