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Candy Making Accessories

New Candy Making Supplies
from LorAnn
Pencil Pops Pk 25                                  $2.50
Sucker Sticks - Pk 50                           $1.75
          White, Multi Coloured Mix
Flavouring Bottles Pk 2 1 dram bottles     $5.85 per pack
          apple, bubblegum, cherry, cinnamon oil, grape, lemon oil,
          mint choc-chip, peppermint, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon
Liquid Food Colour Bottles 29ml         $4.10
          black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, white
Thermometer Pack (inc 1 flavour)       $14.95
Sucker Bags (100*58mm)
                                           Pk 10          $0.30
                                           Pk 20          $0.55
                                           Pk 50          $1.45
                                           Pk 100        $2.95
Large Sucker Bags (100*150mm)
                                            Pk25           $1.25
Twist Ties Pk 50   10cm                       $2.75
                 red, green, gold, silver
1-2 dram Bottle Droppers                    $1.50

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