Taylored Treats....

Chocolates made with moulds available from Taylored Treats

Have you used moulds purchased from Taylored Treats to create a masterpeice and would like to show the world.  Email me a digital picture of your creation with your details and I'll publish it here.

Kylie's Creation - Easter 2002
made for Sienna (8)

Bretts Art - Perth, Western Australia
Easter 2003 Selection

Bretts Art - Perth, Western Australia
Easter 2003 Assortment

Chocolates made by Jenny:

Choc Crocs for ETWA
fundraiser - manufactured lots and lots over the past 4 years

Chocolate Hearts
30c each foiled - many colours available

Created your own masterpiece?  I can publish that for you too.

All prices are in Australian Dollars - please click here to convert to your currency.