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Mould Information

Over 1500 different mould designs are available with new designs appearing all the time.  Keep an eye out for the one you want or email us with your request and I'll let you know if it's on the drawing board or can be added to that list.

General Moulds
Design Categories include:
Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Romance, Kids Stuff, Big Boys Toys, Teddies, Fairies, Seaside, Birds & Animals, Flora, Letters & Numbers, One Pour Boxes & Party Cases, Miscellaneous and XXX rated and more are added to the collection every year.
General moulds are priced from AU$1.75 to AU$3.50 for single size moulds, those classed as double size range from AU$3.45 to AU$5.45 and some 2 piece moulds are available to make 3-D designs such as Easter eggs, prices range depending on size and design.
We now have a few commercial grade 3D moulds - Christmas and Easter theme - in stock that are priced from $22.00 to $42.00. 
Moulds are made from Vacuum Formed PVC or PETG plastic or Polycarbonate.
Pictures of clear plastic are difficult to take but we are doing the best we can - the international manufacturers are helpful in that they have either taken photo's or have generated line drawings of their products, Unfortunately the Aussie guys are not so up with technology and we have to do it ourselves which is time consuming.  New items are continuously added to the Mould Designs area of the site. Select by theme, all manufacturers are listed within theme headings.

Personalised Moulds
Moulds can be personalised for weddings, christenings, etc or as your company logo.
Prices are quoted per your specific requirements. Minimum is around $250 per set.  Supply a jpg file and measurements of your design to get an exact quote.
We can make chocolates from your design for a small additional sum and either individually foiled or plastic sealed for presentation.
Commercial Grade Moulds
These moulds are made from commercial grade polycarbonate.  Prices start at AU$20.00.  Call or Email us for further information.

Standard Mould Prices                                           Codes
ACE Craft Moulds                         $1.95       09-3xxx
Adelaide Chocolate Factory           $2.95       09-1xxx
Roberts Confectionary                   $3.25      09-0xxx
CK Products - Chocolate               $3.95       90-xxxxx
CK Products - Hard Candy             $4.95       8H-xxxxx
International Leisure Activities        $3.95      09-6xxx
Make 'n' Mold                               $3.95      09-5xxx
Life of the Party                            $3.95      09-9xxx
Prices for double moulds and 3D moulds will appear under their pictures.
Polycarbonate moulds from chocolateworld are also available.  Items instock at the importer are between $100-$120 per sheet.  Email us for price upon request of specific designs.

Due to the large selection of moulds available getting them all up on the web is time consuming so whilst were getting them all up please visit stall at Caribbean Market (E75) to make your selection or request via email to see if the design you're after is available.  We have over 1500 different moulds to choose from.

All prices are in Australian Dollars - please click here to convert to your currency.