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With access to manufacturers in Australia, the USA and Europe, we bring to the web one of the largest ranges of chocolate moulds, available from any one place in the world.
We also stock heaps of accessories to assist you in making your own chocolates and candies including Australia's own
and pre mixed cream fillings.
And we are Australia's first stockist of
Lorann's quality



Plastic Pans - good for Ovens & Microwaves

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The Choc-Orange cake on the recipes page is the perfect size for most of these tins and yummy too!

Hello Everyone

Sorry but I broke it!!! However I am now in the midst of fixing it and uploading some images.  They tell me they have finally fixed it but let's see what this update brings.

I am doing serious work on it at the moment - hover products on nav bar and click mould designs for new images hopefully weekly.
We are still looking at providing a whole new experience and getting the online shop software up and running properly but it is a mammoth task so please just keep emailing in your requests for now.
Please note that due to the current economic climate I have had to make some minor price alterations so any prices on the site now may be subject to change when you receive your final invoice.  These will be getting updated as the new software comes online.


ps. for more immediate contact you can try adding us to your msn messenger client as a contact.  we are online whenever we are at a computer so you can chat live about stock, recipes, how to's, suggestions and the like. sales @ taylored - treats . com (remove spaces).. test

Some of our items are also available via ebay - especially the moulds - my ebay shop is here.
Ebay listings up for most of the Halloween moulds in stock now going up this week
I list many different mould designs per listing so look carefully!
Ebay is proving very exxy so also listing on oztion - check out things we are listing there from October 2009
Still working on the online store and the catalogue but every time I think I'm nearly there more new stock arrives!

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